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Visitor Profile Reports Analytics

You have traffic coming to your site. You know where they came from and what they do when they get here. But who are these people anyway? We leave no stone unturned with our Visitor Profile Reports. It is the details of our website analytics. Pretty much anything reported from the visitor's browser about their web profile we have a report on.

  • Last 100 Visitors Report

    Show the last 100 Visitors and you can see their ip address as well as when they last visited.

  • Latest Visitor Detail

    Look at the details of the last visitor to visit your site.

  • Window Size

    This shows the windows size of the browser people are viewing your site in. Great for determining if your site design should be shrunk to accommodate your visitors.

  • Browser Type

    With different browsers having different requirements on html this is a must have to determine if you site looks good for the majority of your visitors.

  • Monitor Resolution

    Just like Window size except what is their total resolution of their monitor.

  • Monitor Color Depth

    How many colors are your customers able to see?

  • Operating Systems

    What operating system do your visitors run?

  • Language

    Is your website accommodating those that visit in terms of language?

  • Countries

    Do you have mostly local visitors or are you attracting an international crowd?

  • JavaScript

    If you have any advanced features using javascript it's nice to know if your users can even take advantage of these features.

  • Cookies

    If you are going to be setting cookies on your customers computers how many actually allow that?

  • Timezone

    Are your visitors in your local time zone or are they across the world?

These website traffic statistics put the power in your hands to know your visitor and do something about it.

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