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You can see that you have traffic coming to your site through our Traffic Reports. You know where they are coming from by viewing the Marketing Reports. But what do they do once they get to your site? With Visitor Path Reports it's easy to answer this question and so much more. Because of the detailed nature of the web traffic stats that we keep you are able to view the paths that each of your visitors have taken. With the Top Entry Pages report you can see what is the first webpage people are viewing on your website. It usually is your home page but could be something else if a link got posted somewhere with a lot of traffic.

Our top Exit Pages let you know where people are exiting your site. This is useful to determine if something needs to be done to a particular page so that you can have the visitor continue on instead of ending his session there. The Top Visitor Paths report is able to report on the entire path that a user takes. For example if most of your visitors enter through your homepage, go to your news page and then exit, that path will show at the top. Maybe there is something that you can do to make them stay longer?

The Page Analysis Report gives you detail, on a page by page basis, of Referring Pages (what pages are people going to that page from), Top Exit Paths (where are they going from that page), Average Page Depth (is this page the 1st or the 22nd page the visitor sees?) and Average Time Spent on Page (are the visitors spending a lot of time on this page because it has a lot of content?)

The reports give you a lot of detail on your web visitor stats. With them you should be able to analyze and optimize your site in no time.

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