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Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, we have a variety of free and premium web hosting packages that offer a broad range of features and prices to fit your web hosting needs. Both free and premium web hosting packages include our award-winning Site Builder, lots of great templates, and an easy-to-use Member Area.

From free web hosting to great premium web hosting packages you're able to choose a hosting plan that works best for you. Your web development skill doesn't make a bit of difference; our free web site builder will ensure your site is polished and professional. Regardless of what your site's goals are, whether small and personal or large and corporate, you can get free web space or huge storage space for your uploading pleasure. Sign up today for the web hosting package that matches your interests. If you're not sure which package works best for you, call our Customer Service department at 1-800-396-1999 and we'll assist you in finding the perfect match.

Our services were built specifically to cater to those looking for free domain hosting, free hosting, free personal hosting, free web hosting, free web space hosting, or personal web hosting.

For those that have determined a free hosting solution isn't what they are really after, but are still price sensitive, we specifically cater to those looking for cheap hosting or a cheap web site builder as well.

Web Hosting Packages

Here are some of our current hosting packages. Keep in mind these offers can change at any time. Click here to find the most up-to-date list of available web hosting packages we offer.

Free Web Hosting

Our free web hosting option offers great features for all users. Of course the price is great, but if you look a little deeper, you'll find plenty of other exciting features with our free web hosting. All free web hosting users get 50 MB of free web space in addition to the easy-to-use File Manager. With 50 MB of free web space you can upload pictures and text - for free! Even first-timers will feel like pros with the user-friendly programs. Free web hosting and the opportunity to manage your own web space has never been easier. Try it now!

What you get:

  • Free Web Hosting
  • Free Picture Hosting
  • Free Web Site Builder
  • Free Web Space
  • And more - for free!

Starter Hosting Web Hosting

For just $5.95 a month you can enjoy all the benefits of free web hosting in addition to several of our premium features. Just to get started; how about 1 GB of web space? 1 GB of web space allows you to freely upload and save an abundance of files to your site. Our Starter Web Hosting package includes 25 POP Email accounts that are fully customizable and give you control over your email settings and filters. You can access your POP Email anywhere, at anytime, as long as you've got an internet connection. Another great feature of Starter Web Hosting is No Banners or Popups! Our premium services make sure your user experience is easy, productive and fun; not cluttered up with unwanted ads or distracting banners.

What You Get:

  • All the great features of Free Web Hosting - and more!
  • 1 GB of Disk Space
  • 25 POP Email Accounts
  • No Banners or Popups
  • Stats and Reports - In-depth, professional, and relevant stats that matter

Personal Hosting Web Hosting

All the great features from our Free and Starter Web Hosting packages are included; and improved upon. For just $9.95 per month you get 5 GB of disk space to upload your pictures and content and save even more data. Like all of our packages, site builder is completely free and with 5 GB of space, you'll probably be using it quite a bit. Unlike Free Web Hosting, our premium web hosting packages come equipped with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access. FTP is one of the most popular methods used by site owners and administrators to manage their web space and build web pages. Whether you're using a stand alone FTP program or a web site builder that has FTP in the software; our programs support both.

What You Get:

  • All the great features of Free and Starter Web Hosting - and more!
  • 5 GB of Disk Space
  • 100 POP Email Accounts
  • FTP Access
  • No Banners or Popups

Professional Hosting Web Hosting

Professional Hosting Web Hosting is one of our most popular premium web hosting packages. For only $14.95 per month you can build websites with the same tools professionals use. Regardless of where your web development skills are, you'll be able to navigate through our easy-to-use programs and build up your web space in no time. Professional Hosting offers the most disk space with 10 GB available. Instead of 25 or 100 POP Email accounts, you get 500 accounts to use for your business or personal needs. One of the big differences between Professional and Personal, Starter or Free Web Hosting is the stats and reports. The Professional Hosting is for higher volume users and provides useful stats on web traffic, marketing, and even visitor profile reports to help you better understand who makes up your target audience.

What You Get:

  • All the great features of Free, Starter and Personal Web Hosting - and more!
  • 10 GB of disk space
  • 500 POP Email Accounts
  • Professional Stats and Reports
  • FTP Access

Want a website but don't want to pay for hosting? Then this is the right hosting package for you.
  • Ads on your site
  • 50 MB disk space
*With purchase of a domain, prices start at $22.95
Starter Hosting
Perfect for sharing photos, having a family website or promoting your business.
  • No ads on your site
  • 1 GB disk space
  • FTP for fast, easy file upload
Personal Hosting
Best hosting value with space to grow. Provides the most functionality and flexibility for your needs.
  • No ads on your site
  • 5 GB disk space
  • CGI Access: Perl, PHP, MySQL, FTP
  • WordPress 2 blog