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Free Web Space Hosting

If you have any interest in having your own personal web site, then our free web hosting package is a perfect fit for you. With no setup fees, no hidden costs, no monthly fees, free web hosting is the perfect place for your favorite pictures, stories, words; a place where long-distance friends can see what you're up to and your family can keep in touch.

Free Web Space on

Do you like doing things your way? Do you like being creative and unique? Well, now you've got the chance to have your own free web space and design and decorate the way you want to.

Choose from full color and theme inspired layouts to give your web site your own personal touch. It's your life, your world, so do it your way on

What's so great about Free Web Hosting?

Well, aside from the cost, free web hosting creates opportunities for you to keep in touch with your friends. Go to college on the east coast and now you're living on the west coast? You probably have friends who didn't make the trek westward and they'd like to see what you're up to and who you're hanging with. With free web hosting you can let your friends, family, former co-workers, anyone, know what you're up to. Phone calls are great, but what about uploading pictures whenever you want. Free web hosting lets you hang pictures of you and your friends and family, post messages, tell stories and keep the people who mean a lot to you up-to-date on your life. Get a wild new haircut or wear a crazy costume for Halloween? Instead of telling your friends, show them!

Free Web Space Features

We offer several different packages designed to meet the needs of all of our visitors. Our free web hosting option is one of our most popular because of its great features and unbeatable price. With free web hosting you get the following:

  • 50MB of free web space
  • Free picture hosting
  • Free Web Site Builder

That's just the beginning. Free picture hosting and free web site builder are available with our free and premium web hosting packages. Free web site builder helps the least experienced users seamlessly upload their favorite photos, create new pages, and make their web sites look and feel like they've been built by professionals.

Express Yourself on Free Web Space

With 50MB of free web space and simple photo uploading, you can express yourself to the entire internet community. Your likes and dislikes, favorite songs and movies, political views, values - let the world know who you are. Stay connected with friends and family who live in different time zones. Publish a blog on your web site and let everyone know what piques your interest or what's really getting under your skin.

Use your Free Web Space to build a Network

Develop a network of friends, family, colleagues and more through your free web site. Create a guest book page so your visitors can let you know when they've been there and leave you a message. Create links to your friend's web sites so you're always just a click away from your pals. With a handy "Favorite Links" page, your web site can become your portal to the internet. A single click can take you or your visitors on a trip around the web, visiting your favorite sites all from the comfort of your own web space.

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Whether you're interested in personal or professional web hosting, 50MB of free web space or 10GB of premium web space; we're your web hosting providers. Our site is user-friendly and our customer service staff works around the clock to make sure you're getting the attention you deserve. Sign up for free or premium web space and find out what millions of people are already enjoying. Connect today!

Want a website but don't want to pay for hosting? Then this is the right hosting package for you.
  • Ads on your site
  • 50 MB disk space
*With purchase of a domain, prices start at $22.95
Starter Hosting
Perfect for sharing photos, having a family website or promoting your business.
  • No ads on your site
  • 1 GB disk space
  • FTP for fast, easy file upload
Personal Hosting
Best hosting value with space to grow. Provides the most functionality and flexibility for your needs.
  • No ads on your site
  • 5 GB disk space
  • CGI Access: Perl, PHP, MySQL, FTP
  • WordPress 2 blog