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Free domain hosting

Understand Free Domain Hosting

Before you start swapping domains and making transfers, it might help if you understand the terminology tossed around in domain circles.

Virtual Domains

Virtual domains allow you to choose a different directory structure for any additional domains you want to add to your site. The additional domains can be registered domains or sub-domains from already registered domains. With premium web hosting, you can add up to three virtual domains.

Default Page

Instead of creating a virtual domain, you can redirect any domain to an HTML page within the directory structure of your primary domain. Premium hosting packages allow for three default pages.


Sub-domains are pages on a registered domain. If "" is your registered domain, then "" would be a sub-domain. Sub-domains with are free. For example: "" is a sub-domain of With premium web hosting packages, you can add three sub-domains to your web site.

Domain Transfers

If you already own a domain and want to add it to your web site, all you have to do is switch the name servers - it's that simple. One domain transfer is available with free web hosting, five for Starter hosting, and ten for any higher package.

Domain Registrations

It's simple to search for new domains, purchase them and host domains on You can register as many domains as you want.

Domain Manager

Domain manager is a helpful tool that comes with each of our web hosting packages - including free web hosting. Domain manager is a great way to organize and keep track of your different domains and different types of domains. Whether you're adding virtual domains or making domain transfers, the domain manager will keep track of everything so you can focus on having fun with your site and keeping connected with your friends and family.

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