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Why Us

So why use MySite for all of your web hosting needs?

Web hosting is a busy market place. Comparing the different features offered by web hosts can be enough to make your head spin. So, focus on the fundamentals: reliability, experience and cost.

Reliability – We’ve supported millions of subscribers since 1995. We started when the web hosting industry was still young, so we know from experience what customers want and need. Our solid and stable hosting platform is why we have become one of the largest, most reliable web hosting companies in the industry. And we intend to stay that way.

Experience - Ironically, sometimes the truest measure of experience is the invisibility of its operation. Over the years, we've integrated many innovative features into our platform. These features all work to make common problems associated with hosting a thing of the past. When you host with us, you tap into a vast storehouse of knowledge and experience. Probably you will never see nor even notice the teams of developers working tirelessly to insure your web pages serve fast… and always.

Cost – Our goal is to offer the features you want and to offer them at very competitive prices. In addition, we provide tiers of features to accommodate your needs as your own knowledge and experience grows or as your needs change. No matter what you want to do, we can provide you with a solution that's a perfect fit!

So, why host with us? Simply put, we're the best. We've made it our mission to stay ahead of the pack, offering the best features and the best value and to do that for decades to come.
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Website Ideas

Start a hobby site - Have a particular passion for stamps, or gaming, or photography, or whatever? Then create a site that reflects your unique talents and interests. It’s not hard to share your favorite experiences or collections, with the right tools.
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Keep up with your family - Is your family scattered far and wide? Going online creates an affordable, family-wide communications tool. Show photos, keep a diary, share announcements and manage email more easily. You’ll find that a family-focused web site is a great place to check in and stay in touch.
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Support your online auctions - Thousands of people use online auctions every day. If you sell merchandise online, why not catalog your auction items all in one place? When an online buyer shows interest in one of your auction items, you’ll be able to let them see everything else you have for sale…from your own web site. Talk about a great way to increase your auction income!
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Start a business - Maybe you’re worried about the economy. So, why not start an online business or encourage someone else to start one? The Internet is always open, and people are buying online all of the time. With us, you’ll be able to start that business you’ve always dreamed about.
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Here’s the bottom line. Whether you’re into history, hobbies, family or business, we care about what you do and we have the solutions to help. Start your own website and online presence right now!