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Our Technology

We've been in the web hosting business since 1995. During those years, we have actively grown into the largest Linux web-hosting platform in the world. This is a fact that we're proud of, because it means that we can offer you the best web hosting experience available.

We're stable, we're innovative, and we stay on top of all of the technologies, which fall under the umbrella of web hosting on Linux.

Hosting definitions:

What is web hosting? It is the technology that allows you to share web pages you create with people anywhere in the world. The technology facilitates sharing with millions of people, or with just a few, whatever you decide. If you are new to the web or you don't have your own tools to build web pages, that's not a problem. Our web hosting solutions all offer tools and shortcuts to help you get pages up quickly and easily. And, if you like to build your own pages, you can do that too!

How does web hosting work? To help illustrate, consider a common example. Say you have photos you want to share. You upload your photos to your website, create a page which uses those photos, and then supply your friends or family with the address of that page. That's how web hosting works in a nutshell. Our tools and shortcuts can help you with each of these steps.

How is web hosting different from my ISP? An Internet service provider (ISP) is the entity by which you connect to the Internet. When connected, your ISP allows you to use a web browser to visit other websites. Occasionally an ISP will also provide rudimentary web hosting features, such as providing you with an email address "@" (at) Web hosting is different. It provides you with a robust set of features and a place to put your own website that can be accessed by anyone that you want to allow, any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

Underlying systems:

Why use Linux-based systems? Linux is very prevalent, very powerful, and most important very stable and reliable. Linux is an operating system that has been maturing over many, many years with the input of thousands of programmers. It's gained such wide popularity because of the open nature of its ongoing development. In the Linux world, when bugs or vulnerabilities are discovered, (as they are in all competing systems) they are quickly repaired and the repairs efficiently and inexpensively get propagated, so costs do not get passed on to users. Contrast this with other operating systems using different development strategies, which result in users having to pay for their operating systems again and again when bug fixes are introduced to warrant a new release. Linux is simply better! It is pretty much invisible to the average webmaster. But, it's comforting for anyone to know that his or her website sits on an architecture that is fast, powerful and actively maintained.

Who needs scalability? We support millions of web sites, with tremendous daily visitor volumes and hits. That means simultaneous Internet activities can take place here, handling visitor traffic with ease. You won’t experience any slowdowns while accessing your web site. And you’ll notice the system is always up and running, too. Keynote and other industry reports rate our performance as top notch.

Where are the operating systems? Our operations are based in Los Angeles, California. We have banks of computer servers in the operations center that are all dedicated to serving your web pages quickly and reliably. Our architecture provides a level of redundancy and special mitigation against malicious attacks that you would otherwise have to pay thousands of dollars to achieve. And, because Los Angeles has one of the best, centralized telecom networks, you get amazing service performance. In fact, if you were allowed access to the highly secure location, you would be amazed to learn of the other well known brands that also occupy the facility.

Underlying company:

Who are we? We are experts in web hosting and have provided hosting solutions to millions of people nationwide. We have a solution for you, whether you're a small business or an individual user that is trying to create your own online "personality".

If you're looking for stable, reliable hosting services from a company who knows what they're doing - you've found us. We promise to work continually to provide you with high-quality alternatives to high-cost hosting. So take a moment to set up your own website and get online with the millions of others sharing what matters to them.

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