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Blog Plugins

Blog plugins are simple programming scripts that increase the functionality of your blog. The plugins provide additional features that enhance the current attributes your blog has. Moreover, they also add news features to make your blog more user-friendly and interactive. Blog plugins also make customization possible, which enables you to design and present your blog according to the theme of the content, or to reflect your personality.

The MySite Difference

MySite offers blog plugins, such as akismet and managing plugins, which can keep your blog spam free. Automatic Kismet (or 'Akismet' for short) is a blog plugin that verifies the comments on your blog against the Akismet web service. The plugin verifies whether the comment is spam or not. If spamming is detected, Akismet flags the content as spam and keeps it under the "Manage" section. After every 15 days, all the spam content detected and flagged by Akismet is deleted automatically.

Managing plugins is an easy task on MySite. We offer efficient blog tools that ensure smooth operation of the various plugins installed on your blog. MySite provides simple steps to install and uninstall plugins on your blog. You can customize your blog within minutes in quick easy steps. Our effective blog tools enable you to install necessary plugins that truly make your blog outstanding in all respects.

Have a Fully Customizable and Streamlined Blog with MySite

MySite possesses the essential blog tools that help you to execute effective customization concerning your blog. Effective blog customization can attract online visitors and readers to your blog, thus increasing the web traffic of your blog. The design and layout of your blog plays an important role in its success on the Internet. MySite can help you to target potential visitors and readers with the aid of our efficient blog customization tools and plugins.

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