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Blogs are continuously increasing with popularity and have a great impact with any theme or message you are trying to convey publicly. They are one of the easiest ways to promote your business, your voice and your name for a very reasonable price. offers many options for bloggers that appeal to those searching for free services or advanced blogging features that are in high demand.

Internet users are constantly browsing blogging networks looking for interesting content or searching for something they need. Making yourself apart of this network is the first step in making new relationships, stimulating interpersonal intelligence and providing opinions and services to the public.

Importance of Customization

Once you have decided to create a blog, you might come to realize the importance of customization. Authenticity and unique material are key elements in attracting new readers and customers. A blog that is designed well and customized to fit the purpose of your website will appeal more over a blog that is generic. Mysite realizes these needs and has provided all the tools necessary in order for you to fully maximize customizable features and themes. Our services allow you to upload your own templates and edit CSS style sheets.

There are many blog providers that offer a variety of templates, but no editing options! Templates with no editing options confuse visitors if the theme does not match your message. Mysite offers versatile options in uploading the template that you want to use, and modifying it to fit your needs. In order to achieve full customization, Mysite provides you with the tools you need in order to modify:

  • Headers

    A graphical element that confirms the name of your company or blog and allows you to add a design to display what your blog is about.

  • Sidebars

    The navigation area of your blog that holds your links, widgets, blogroll, categories, pages, etc. Many people like to add their links, flickr, calendars or twitter in this area.

  • Footers

    The ending element of your blog. It is preferable to keep your navigation links at the footer as well as the header so that people can quickly refer back to the page they desire. You can add symbols that confirm your sites validity coding, copyrighted works or logo for enhanced design.

  • Themes

    The template for your blog. This would be the layout of where you want things placed and organized. Choose a template design that is closest to the way you want your blog to look as an ending result. Pick your colors, upload, and start editing!

  • Avatars

    A tiny graphic in the corner of your blog that will hold your snapshot or a small logo. Your avatar is the image associated for your site when others are looking for you amongst other blogs.

  • Favicons

    A 16x16 pixel graphic that will display in the address bar next to your URL.

  • Stylesheets

    The code that tells your browser where to place an image or text content. Everything inside your stylesheet determines the look and layout of your blog. If you want to change the font, size, placement, etc., you would edit it here.

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