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Corkboard Tools

A Corkboard is a great way to allow easy communication between members of your community. Announcements, events, activities, and more can be posted easily and placed under specific, custom categories of your choice!

You customize the categories, editorial access, and layout. If you're an advanced user, you can even integrate the Corkboard into your site-wide layout!

  • News - Relevant news can be posted.
  • Announcements - Members can announce any matter to everyone in the community.
  • Events - Events can be posted with corresponding times, dates, locations, and so forth.
  • All posts are date-stamped to automatically drop past events from the list.
  • Users can input a headline, body text, and duration for their messages.
  • Message layout colors and fonts can be customized to your site's layout.
  • You control the categories (i.e., announcements, events, etc.)
  • You can edit or delete any posts at any time.
  • You create an editor user name and password to allow others access to post or edit messages.
  • Much more... Customize the categories and Corkboard to your Web site's needs.