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CGI Scripting Services

We offer a suite of server side tools we call CGI Access. This suite consists of PERL, MySQL, and PHP primarily. This feature is available with many of our paid hosting packages.

Note: Due to the nature of our shared hosting platform, some modifications have been made to our support of CGI in order to help protect the integrity of individual web space environments. These modifications require your executable scripts to be placed in /www/cgi/ and limit outbound connections for example.

Learning about CGI?

For the uninitiated, CGI represents a kind of "next level" for your web site. When you reach a point where you wish to create interactive tools for your visitors (or yourself), which require more robust programming capabilities, CGI is one means of accomplishing that. A very good means in fact, benefiting from years of maturity and millions of users putting it through the paces.

There are some things you need to know, both technical, and in terms of acceptable practices--so if you are exploring going down this road you will want to study practical application as well as the technical details of CGI as you proceed. Our packages offering CGI Access will provide you a good test bed for applying what you learn, inexpensively.

A more comprehensive list of risks and best practices related to security can be found at While it may seem daunting on first glance, familiarizing yourself will help you avoid pitfalls and make you better at creating the tools your audience wants and will use.

CGI Related Trivia:

What does CGI stand for? CGI is an acronym meaning Common Gateway Interface.

Some folks confuse the term "CGI" referring to Computer Generated Interfaces in movies (aka CG, and special effects) with that of CGI programming as it relates to the Web. They are in fact very different, and draw on entirely different skill sets in individuals.

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