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We offer a powerful selection of features associated with domains (the addresses of the websites). You can register domains through us or use a domain you've registered elsewhere. Further, you can use subdomains of your domain to create additional pages and addresses to your website. Here are the domain related features associated with our various web hosting packages:

Hosting Package Virtual Domains Default Page Sub-Domains Transfers Registrations
Free 3 3 3 1 Unlimited
Starter Hosting 3 3 3 5 Unlimited
Personal Hosting 10 10 10 10 Unlimited
Professional Hosting 20 20 20 10 Unlimited
Business Hosting 30 30 30 10 Unlimited

Explanation of Terms

Virtual Domains
With virtual domains, you can add more domains to your web site by specifying a different directory structure for each additional domain. Using virtual domains in this way allows you to create a site within a site. You can add registered domains such as or sub-domains off your primary domain such as Though virtual domains are technically directories within your primary domain's site, their URLs will appear as the virtual domains. .

Default Page
Creating a default page is an alternative to using a virtual domain. Default pages are domains redirected to HTML pages within the directory structure of the primary domain.

A sub-domain is a subordinate part of a larger domain. Once you have a registered domain for your website, you can create sub-domains as parts of your registered domain. Using sub-domains will create additional pages and addresses for your website. A sub-domain's URL looks something like:

Domain Transfers
Do you already own a domain that you want to add to the Domain Manager? It's easy to do; just change the nameservers and transfer it to your primary domain. This transfer does not change the registrars of the domain. Any domains you add will point to your primary domain by default. If you wish, you may create a virtual domain or change the default page of your transferred domain using our web hosting services.

Domain Registrations
Registering domains through Freeservers is quick and easy. When you register new domains through Domain Manager, your new domains will point to your primary domain automatically. Need to register additional domains? You can use our registration service for an unlimited number of domains, pointing each to your site. Once registered, these new domains can be made into virtual domains or redirected to an alternate default page if you prefer.

Want a website but don't want to pay for hosting? Then this is the right hosting package for you.
  • Ads on your site
  • 50 MB disk space
*With purchase of a domain, prices start at $22.95
Starter Hosting
Perfect for sharing photos, having a family website or promoting your business.
  • No ads on your site
  • 1 GB disk space
  • FTP for fast, easy file upload
Personal Hosting
Best hosting value with space to grow. Provides the most functionality and flexibility for your needs.
  • No ads on your site
  • 5 GB disk space
  • CGI Access: Perl, PHP, MySQL, FTP
  • WordPress 2 blog
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