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Webmail Spell Check

In today's fast-paced business world, clear communication is essential. Nowhere is this more important than email. What you say and how you say it is crucial. And nothing reveals a lack of professionalism more quickly than incorrect spelling and poor grammar.

To keep your correspondence in top form, the email tools from MySite include a handy spell checker. This robust little utility has everything you need to quickly and accurately spellcheck all of your outgoing email.

The spellchecker highlights the misspelled word and offers a variety of suggested words to replace the incorrect one. Additional options include:

  • Replace

    This option replaces the specific instance of the misspelled word.

  • Replace All

    Replaces all instances of the misspelled word.

  • Ignore

    Allows you to skip or ignore certain words, which the spellchecker does not recognize, but that you deem correct. This is great for usual personal or company names.

  • Ignore All

    Lets you ignore and skip all instances of an unrecognized word.

Are there certain non-standard words you use all the time? Maybe a friend's name or a custom company name? You're in luck! The spell checker also allows you to "Add" words to its internal dictionary's list of recognized words. The spell check tool also allows previously-added words to "Revert" back to an unrecognized state, removing them from the dictionary. The "Replace with" entry field allows you to manually enter a replacement word.

MySite's powerful email tools, including Check Spelling, help keep all of your communications and correspondence looking and sounding great!

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