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Instant Messaging Online Presence

Can we agree that instant messaging (IM) has become one of the pillars of communication nowadays? Yes - instant messaging is everywhere we look - from text messaging and IM clients for our cell phones to myriads of instant messaging clients for our desktops and notebooks. Now the dilemma is how to control the instant messaging that is bound to happen in both personal and professional circles - MySite Instant Messaging, included with Business Hosting package, provides a robust instant messaging client within the email application.

Better yet, the presence management or "Currently Online" window lets you see which of your contacts are currently available online - allowing you to choose the most efficient communication medium available, whether that's IM, email or phone. IM allows users to hide their presence from other users with whom they choose not to chat, allowing them to control their time and better manage their work.

Discover what benefits an instant messaging online presence can have for your website at MySite. It is MySite's business to make your website the best.

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