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Custom Domain Support

Today, it's very important for online businesses to have their own email domain. Emails make it very convenient to transfer information overseas within seconds. The technology of Internet and email has made it possible for businessmen to promote their business on a global scale while maintaining a brand presence. Hence, email domains play an important role in the success of an online business.

MySite has your Custom Email Domain Support

A custom email domain is the extension of your email account (i.e. It provides a unique identity to your email account. MySite offers the facilities of custom email domain support that allows you to retain your own identity on the Internet. A custom email domain also helps you in gaining recognition for your services, since it display the name of your company or firm.

MySite offers you the potential of re-establishing your identity. It is also a great choice for consumers who wish to maintain contacts with their own unique identity. So, if you want to use your name as your email identification, you can do that conveniently with MySite.

Owning a custom email domain is beneficial in a number of ways. Potential customers can quickly identify emails from you, since your name will appear in your email identification tag. It also makes the detection of spam easier and convenient. If you are a home-based consumer, custom email domain helps you to approach firms through your unique identification. Hence, it makes the task of identification easier and trouble-free.

You can enjoy the numerous benefits of custom email domain on MySite. Our custom email domain support helps you to choose your own email domain in just a few simple steps. Connect to people across the globe with your unique email domain!

Mysite offers a wide array of email features that will help you take full advantage of the power of personal email. We even offer a free email package. Discover it all today.

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