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Email Anti-Virus

Email threats are common and are increasing on a daily basis. This calls for immediate action to curb the hazardous effects that can hamper your data privacy. With world-wide Internet access and vulnerability to spammers and hackers across the globe, there are high chances of unsafe email flows from different sources to your account.

MySite offers quality e-mail security solutions through robust processes and programs. In other words, MySite provides reliable email anti-virus services, as well as email anti-spam tools to keep your email account secured from harmful online viruses.

Multi email anti-virus benefits through MySite

  • Thorough email content filtering with advanced process set-up
  • Effective management of junk mails, confidential information and reports, virus shielding, and mail server efficiency
  • Detection of infected mails and immediate warning signals to inform you about the email threat
  • Safety to your network by obstructing viruses from entering it
  • Effective spam control allows you to get rid of unwanted emails in an instant
  • Confirmed security to all the files that you attach to your email. Also, MySite regulates complete email anti-virus scanning of inbound emails from other sources to prevent unsafe viruses from entering your system
  • Companies and business enterprises can ensure improved safety measures to safeguard their critical data and information
  • Powerful detection of newly created viruses, worms and Trojan horses helps you to ensure greater safety from current email threats
  • Constant upgrades in our process and technology enables risk-free email anti-virus on a consistent basis

MySite persistently strives to improve its email services, and therefore, assures no compromise in quality and serviceability. Email anti-virus is a significant issue and MySite adheres to the principles of delivering top-notch email protection and performance. This feature allows you to enjoy a carefree internet experience anytime and anywhere. Discover all the email features of MySite email services.

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