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Professional Enterprise Email Package

You need to stay in constant contact with friends, family, colleagues, and customers and want several methods to communicate with them. Email is a powerful method to add to your communication plan - with email you can quickly communicate one-on-one or with a group. It not only provides the ability to communicate with words, but visually as well. MySite's premium personal email package helps you stay in contact with those needing your attention. In addition, MySite makes it easy to build your own website.

MySite's Premium Personal Email Package includes the following features:

  • Email @ your domain

    Enjoy the benefit having sending emails from your personalized free email address

  • Up to 500 user accounts

    Create up to 25 user accounts for everyone in your office, for your whole family, or for you and all your friends

  • Large 10 GB Inbox and Up to 25 MB Attachments

    Plenty of room for your emails and attachments

  • Spam/Virus Protection

    Protection for you against unwanted emails and viruses that may be hiding in innocent looking emails

  • Shared Calendars, Address Books

    Coordinate events and meetings, plus share your address books with each other, as well as sharing those important documents you all need access to

  • Shared Files

    Share files with others with the ability to "check in / check out" files, apply permissions to folders and send a link to a document to recipients outside your group

  • Personal File Storage

    Quickly find important documents anywhere you have access to the Internet

  • Email Groups and Mailing Lists

    Create groups and mailing lists of contacts you want to send newsletters, updates, etc. to

  • Encrypted File Transfer

    Send encrypted files using SecureSend™, an encrypted file transfer feature which lets you send files with complete confidence, knowing that your confidential data will remain secure. SecureSend uses both asynchronous 128-bit triple-DES and synchronous AES encryption to ensure safe delivery of critical data.


    Enjoy the ability to send and receive email through your personalized addresses using most popular email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.

  • WAP 2.0/Mobile Support

    Access your contacts, calendar, and tasks via your cellular phone, PDA and other mobile devices using WAP 2.0

Plus many more features...

Find the best professional enterprise email package at MySite, included with your professional hosting package. Hosting your website is easy through MySite.

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