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Email Contacts

In today's online world there a few things that are more valuable than your contact list. If you use your list for business contacts you know that it is worth more than gold and that a well organized list can make a big difference when you are trying to land that big sale. If you are using your list for personal contacts you know how important it is to remember Aunt Sue's birthday, or your rich Uncle Jim's address.

Because we know how important it is to be able to manage your contact list we've made it very simple and hassle free.

When you select 'New' you get options to allow you to record everything about the contact you need to know:

  • Overview

    • General
      • Name
      • Company
      • Title
      • Display Name
    • Address
      • Work
      • Home
    • Email / IM
      • Work Email
      • Home Email
      • Work IM
      • Home IM
    • Phone
      • Work
      • Home
      • Mobile
  • Detailed

    Detailed contains the same info as overview plus additional fields.

    • General
      • Division
      • Subdivision
    • Internet
      • Website
      • Free/busy URL
    • Phone
      • Work 2
      • Home 2
      • Mobile 2
      • Work Fax
      • Home Fax
    • Other
      • Birthday
      • Anniversary
      • Spouse
      • Gender
      • Nickname
      • Time Zone
      • Assistant's Name
      • Assistant's Email
      • Assistant's Phone
      • Notes
  • Custom Fields

    You can add custom fields to record any information about the contact that you feel is important, such as any special price quotes, special order items, or shipping instructions, even their favorite colors or things to avoid.

The contacts feature even allows you to separate your contacts into personal or enterprise. Another great feature is the ability to create contact groups. This is very useful if you have groups of people to whom you need to send the same email.

Use the search feature to quickly find contacts in your list. Keeping your contacts well organized and update is very important and's Email Contact feature is a great way to do that.

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