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Private Blogging

Have you ever created a blog only to find out how limited it is? Do you want more power and flexibility with your blogs to set them up the way YOU desire? Well, now you can with's built in blog programs.

One great advantage our blogs have over many competitors is that we give you the option to set your blogs as private or public. Both are great for different reasons. Private blogs are great for those who want to make their blog non-viewable by the masses and only viewable to friends. This allows you to share photos and thoughts with friends and family members without sharing your thoughts with the world. Public blogs are great for those who crave FAME or even just want traffic on their blog, because they can be viewed by anyone and listed in search engines. Furthermore, you can even modify your blog to allow viewers to see your page without allowing them the option of leaving comments.

How to Make Your Blog Private/Public

With our free blog builder, you can go into "Page Options" and set it so that the page is not visible in the site-wide menu. You can also go into "Blog Options" and set such things as "Allow commenting on posts", "Allow replying to comments", and set the privacy from "public" to "private".

And if you think that's great, the WordPress Blog, which is available on paid subscriptions, provides many more features. You can go into "Options" and set things such as "Anyone can register", and "Users must be registered and logged in to comment". You can even set the level of access that viewers have, such as "Administrator", "Editor", "Author", "Contributor" and "Subscriber". As an added bonus, you can set your blog to allow pings or not, and you can even password-protect your blog, "Publish" a post or keep it "Private."

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