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Blog Themes

The amount of blogs doubles in size every six months. On average, a new weblog is created every second. The internet has become extremely popular in searching for businesses, products, interests and people. Having a blog is a prerequisite.

There are many things you can do in order to drive traffic to your blog. Customizing your blog layout is one of them. People are persuaded through effective writing, illustrations, and how your blog content is structured. In order to keep your visitors coming back, it is important that you have a layout that supports your ideas and main theme.

Mysite has integrated Wordpress so that you can upload different themes to your blog. You can customize each theme to produce the most effective traffic results. When you want to change your theme, you can do this with one click. This allows your visitors to view a variety of layouts and creates new content to keep the element of surprise, providing fresh ideas and visitor retention.

There are certain features that you will want to customize. The header, favicon, avatar, illustrations, RSS feeds, tag clouds, sidebars and the overall layout and skin of your blog theme. All of these features can increase professionalism and emphasize the focus around the product or idea you are trying to promote.

Mysite provides maximum customization services for your Wordpress blog.

  • Upload customized themes using FTP.

    Mysite gives you plenty of space to have a variety of top pick themes to choose from.
  • Edit your theme using XHTML/CSS coding without additional fees.

    CSS custom coding provides you with ultimate control of the structure and layout of your theme.
  • Theme Editor

    Allows you to make changes quickly and manage your layout within the dashboard. Change font styles, sizes, colors and placement without having to re-upload files.
  • Upload customized plugins

    In order to manage the theme and enhance both yours and the visitor's experience.
  • Activate widgets

    That organize your sidebar with the tools you want to use. Tag clouds, search bars, categories, pages, links and RSS feeds where you want them to be.

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