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Custom Blog CSS

Flexibility with Mysite

Creating interesting blog content is vital for visitor retention. Blogs should be well organized and easy to navigate. If your readers cannot find the topic they are looking for, or are having a hard time finding their way around the menu, careful consideration needs to be taken in order to successfully attract new readers and keep current visitors.

One of the most important elements of a blog is the organization of text content and visual elements. Mysite offers easy-to-use tools for designing your theme, controlling the layout and editing the style sheet to fit your needs.

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Styles define how to display your content. CSS is a major breakthrough for designing websites because it allows you to control the style of multiple pages all at once. Consistency is easy to achieve using CSS. All of your web pages will have common design factors so that the reader can tell that they have not been redirected to a different URL.

Benefits of CSS

  • Consistency

    Control the layout of all your web pages with one style sheet. If you need to change the background color for 100 pages, you only have to edit a single code in your one style sheet.

  • Precise control over layout

  • Website Maintenance

    Make changes to your style sheet using clean code.

  • Fast download time

    Browsers can easily render the style of your pages using CSS coding, making it easier for users with slower connections to view your site.

  • Browser friendly

    Every user will be able to see your webpage the way you built it because CSS supports all browsers. Visitors will not need to install new browsers in order to view your blog.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Spiders can browse CSS easier and faster than html. Get noticed in a search engine faster with CSS.

  • Reduce Bandwidth

    Compact the code for your style sheet and reduce the amount of bandwidth users take up by visiting your web page.

  • Printer Friendly

    Most printers will only allow you to print a portion of the web page. With CSS, printers can execute the entire website layout.

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